LDF File Viewer & Analyzer Software

Effective Tool to View, Read & Analyze SQL Transaction Log Files

  • Analyze SQL server log file and instantly recover .ldf file
  • View SQL server transaction log file with all its attributes
  • Reading LDF files and analyzing all related transactions
  • Provides filtering option to selectively recover LDF files
  • Require MDF file for analyzing the database transaction files
  • Perform functioning only when SQL server is in offline mode
  • Supports log files of SQL Server 2014,2014,2008, & 2005
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LDF Viewer & Analyzer Software – Fundamental Features


Effectively Analyze LDF File

SQL LDF viewer software enable users to view and analyze log activity like Insert, update, delete, etc., in SQL server database. One can easily view LDF file of SQL server without any complications.

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Instant SQL .ldf File Recovery

Instead of performing complete scanning of file, one directly have to select their previous backup of SQL log file. SQL server log reader tool can scan and store entire data in SQL Server compatible format.

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Export file as SQL Database

LDF file reader needs a valid credentials of database like server name, password, etc., for directly exporting LDF file queries to SQL database. Moreover, for avoiding overwriting in database one should export data on some new location.

explore ldf file

Provide 3 Export Options

SQL server log file viewer provide its users with three alternatives for exporting queries as SQL file:

  • SQL Server database
  • SQL Server compatible SQL scripts
  • CSV file
read ldf file data

Export Particular Log Tables

LDF file recovery can be performed in a selective manner by making use of this software. Check or uncheck the tables, which user wants to export or not export from source log file.

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Work in Absence of SQL Server

LDF file viewer provide functioning like viewing LDF files, analyze LDF file, etc. only when the SQL server is in offline mode. In addition, it provides the forensic analysis of Log files for examining activities performed on SQL server.

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Supported by All Windows

SQL LDF reader is a Windows-based application, which is easily supported by all latest versions of Windows i.e. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and all earlier versions.

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Auto-detect Related MDF File

With this tool, SQL server open LDF file that consist of MDF files. In other words, the software detects all the mdf files related to each transaction log files and also, one can easily browse MDF file from different location.

preview ldf file data

Preview SQL Server Log File

Before proceeding further, one can preview log file transactions by making use of SQL LDF file reader. Users can completely view each transactions held in the log file.

ldf file recovery

Support Log File of Any Size

The demo version of SQL LDF viewer, allowing users to read, view, and analyze transaction log files of any size limit. As such, there does not exist any file size limitation because software is designed in such a manner that it supports log file of any size.

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Frequently Asked Question

I want to view SQL server log file of SQL server 2005. Will your product support this LDF file?
Yes of course, you can view SQL log file transactions that are being generated from SQL server 2005.
I am a Windows 10 operating system user. Is your software compatible with this OS?
Yes, our software is compatible with all latest versions of Windows operating system and hence, you can access it on Windows 10 OS.
I don’t have SQL server environment on my system. Can I still view log file in SQL server with help of your tool?
Installation of SQL server is not required for viewing the log files of SQL server. However, installation of the server is required, if you are exporting queries into SQL server database.
Accidentally, some of my records were deleted from my log file. Will SQL LDF viewer be able to export those records?
Yes of course, if the data will be in healthy state, then the tool will retrieve whole information (even deleted records) of log file.